Ottawa, Illinois

Another excellent concert in Ottawa, Illinois! The audience was so great!


Hotel in Hamilton, OH (Day 3)

The best part of the tours; there's always the bathroom which I don't have to clean up! Aaaawww, look at this very handsome bathroom --- that I don't have to clean up.


Fitton Center in Hamilton, Ohio

The concert at Fitton Center in Hamilton, Ohio was a success! That was the first show of the tour and was the great kickoff of the whole journey!

Day 2, Columbus, the capital of Ohio

We are in the capital of Ohio, Columbus! Heading to Hamilton which is just outside of Cincinnati where we are going to hit the first note of this whole tour! Three of us did a bit of a rehearsal this morning and we are so ready. International String Trio is coming back to Hamilton!!


Off to the International String Trio Midwest Tour 2015!

The traveling musician is leaving to the one-month tour in a few hours. 11 states, 21 shows, and no airplanes! We'll drive the hell out of it for a month starting with 13-hour drive to Ohio! This is going to be hell of a drive, or hell.
The final check of the cargo. Bass, uke, video & audio recording devices, and lots of protein! It seems a lot but it's for one whole month.

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