Otter Creek!

I just saw the concert of my fellow traveling musicians, Otter Creek. They drove all the way to Boston, Massachusetts from Salt Lake City, Utah! That's about 2500 miles away.......

OMG, their sound was sooooo warm and gentle. Yep, the direction I want to take musically is definitely this way. What a great concert! Just loved it!



Today we are playing at Harvard Museum of Natural History! I've been a musician for 20+ years, and in my long long music career, this is my very first time to play in front of kronosaurus! I'm sure none of my musician friends have played in front of kronosaurus! Wait a minute. Maybe I am the first musician ever played in front of it? Have I just made a history?


Souping up the computer!

I’ve been playing Pokemon Go but cannot find Meowth. I have enough Drowzees.

Anyway, today I am doing a little upgrading on my MacBook Pro. It’s only 4 years old but it’s slow as a snail. I had been looking for new models of MacBook but the spec on those models are not good enough, so instead of buying one, I decided to do a life prolonging operation by putting in a fast hard drive and a big hard drive. Those two hard drives will seriously soup up my MacBook and hopefully that’ll be good enough for the next couple of years.


Gillette Stadium!

The stadium you see behind me is Gillette Stadium, the home of New England Patriots. A few days ago, the concert of Guns’n Roses was held in there. Sighs. I couldn’t go. They must have played November Rain. How about Welcome to the Jungle? Sweet Chid O’ Mine? Paradise City? It was my chance to see Axl and Slash on the same stage once again. Duff came back too. Sighs, sighs and more sighs.

I came back from the long 5-hour gig right by the Gillette Stadium last night thinking (and regretting) about the Guns’n Roses concert. I woke up this morning with this unresolved, uneasy, something-not-rectified feeling. There is only one thing I can do for this. I am going to hold a self rock festival! I am going to play whatever the rock music I want to play as much as my heart desires! I’ll start with Guns and Zep, then I’ll play Stones, Cream, King Crimson, The Who, then AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, David Bowie, Genesis, Aerosmith, Blue Öyster Cult, B-52’s, Oasis, Lenny Kravitz, Prince, Pearl Jam! I’ll play Japanese rock too! There is no border in rock’n roll!

I am dying in joy just thinking about it. It’s going to be a busy day!


Having good time in Boston!

Yesterday’s gig was a rooftop party right by the Charles River in Boston. Musicians were good, the sight was good and the food was good! the scallop was out of this world. I just couldn’t stop eating while we were on break.

The idea of cooking the same kind of scallop dish came to my mind but I could foresee that I would fail miserably so I’ll leave that to professionals. Come to think of it, Boston is famous for seafood. I’m going to walk around Boston and sniff my way to good seafood restaurant!


Back in Boston!

I am back in Boston!

Done with the LA/Arizona tour and now done with the New York tour. I will be landlocked in Boston for a month working like a normal musician---yes, I'm an abnormal musician. I'll have four function gigs this week.

My friends in Boston, I have plenty of time! Let's hang!


New York, see you again!

My friends in NYC, I just finished a nice show at Barbès in Brooklyn and now I'm leaving NYC. I'm coming back to the city in August for one last time. Let's meet up next time😄 I'd love to see all of you!

Barbès Brooklyn!

A little concert at Barbès Brooklyn! Sorry, I forgot to take photos.

Brighton Beach!

Beach day!

We have a half day off so came to Brighton Beach!

Aaaaaahhh, what is this extremely lazified atmosphere. I wanna move to Hawaii right now.

The staff at the concert last night said that we didn't quite get 5000 people at the audience but 4000-4500 people. Well, that's quite enough. The concert was super successful and that means the tour was success too!!

Alrighty, I'm gonna totally lazy out in here till the gig tonight, escaping from reality. I'll get an ice cream.

Cerebrate Brooklyn Festival (BRIC)

All the photos from Cerebrate Brooklyn (BRIC) at the Band Shell in Prospect Park. 4000+ people were there!


Sound check!

Sound checking for the show tonight! I'll be playing French-themed tunes with Jessica Fichot from 8pm at the Bandshell in Prospect Park!



Tomorrow I will be performing for the event to celebrate Bastille Day (French Independence Day) at the Band Shell in Prospect Park, Brooklyn! The main event of the night is that the nine-piece band playing the soundtracks of the famous French animation movie from 2003 "The Triplets of Belleville" while screening the movie on the back. We'll be opening for that.

So, I came to Uniqlo to get some French-looking clothes for tomorrow because I want to look good for the 5000-people event. Well, I got a nice blue chinos. They will do.

Friends in NYC, we'll start playing at 8pm. If you have a time, please come around!

Hanging with my brother, Sakai!

I was hanging with my brother, Sakai, after one long year, then we started arguing about music, life, philosophy etc. and we didn't stop for seven hours from 8pm to 3am! How did it happen!? We are both busy tomorrow! (Well, technically it's already today!)


New York tour!

A few days had passed since I came back from LA, and now I'm leaving for another short five-day tour to New York. It's kinda weird to "tour" to the city I used to live until recently. I haven't been there for three months so I'll enjoy as much as I can. I am so looking forward to going to my favorite Japanese curry shop in New York! I'll go there three times a day! 😆😆😆

One the concerts we will be performing at is a big one; 5000 people are going to be there. This is going to be a fun tour!


Indian buffet!

Curry, curry & more curry!!

I'm at Indian buffet just downstairs of my apartment. I am in heaven again --- Recently I'm in heaven quite often.

I wanna go to India.


Newark International Airport

Took red eye flight to New York from LA! Boston is only a few hours away. As soon as I get there, I'm going to all-you-can-eat Indian buffet!😆😆😆


Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)!!

OMG! I'm flying back to Boston!😆

That was a ten-day trip. I was going to work half the time and hang around half the time but ended up with working almost all the time. It's ok with me. The final day (today) was completely free but I didn't know what to do so I was working on computer. I'm like a typical Japanese workaholic daddy. Next time, I'm going to plan out the vacation and I WILL party!

Okay, the days of wedding gigs & party gigs await me in Boston.

Cat and Bass (Because the cat was too cute)


Venice Beach!

Hanging with my brother, Adrien at Venice Beach! This place is so cool! To me, this is stereotypical California. I saw the famous "Muscle Beach" for the first time! Lots of fun things were around there!

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