Kubo and the two strings!

This is the best second run cinema place! Only a couple of bucks for a flick! 😆👍 I wanna come here everyday! I just watched the animation movie about shamisen, Kubo and the two strings!

The main reason why I moved to LA was that I wanted to find recording jobs in Hollywood playing shamisen or sanshin, so the sound track of this movie with shamisen on it is exactly the gig I am zeroing in. I couldn't stop thinking of how I could take over the shamisen player's place while I was watching it. Then what the professional musician like me naturally think next is how much compensations I can get doing this kind of gigs.

Oh no! 🙈 I wasn't really watching this movie with such a touching story and was just counting the chickens before they are hatched! I polluted my mind with money and became a materialistic weasel. I feel so dirty myself!


Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! 😆👍🎉🎂🎈🍾🎊

Well, I'm alone this year so, instead of cooking whole turkey properly in Thanksgiving style, I decided to fry just a piece of turkey in Japanese kara-age style. Kara-age is Japanese deep fried chicken 🍗 and not so easy to cook but I tried. I prepared the turkey yesterday.

The result is.....

Well..... it looked so good but wasn't too great. Oh well, it's still edible. Now I'm going to make it better somehow because I prepared 3 pounds of turkey. Wish me luck.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!!


Jeon, Korean pancake!

Oh no….

I fell asleep last night at the desk and caught a cold. Oh well. The only thing I can do is to eat something nutritious.


I made a super thick jeon (Korean pancake) with lots of veggies! Maybe it’s hard to see on the pic but the pancake is about 1.5 inch thick!

Aaaaaaa, nothing’s better than carbs when you are on low-carb diet! This is soooooo good! 😆😆😆


The sofa that turns people to mush!

I'm at Muji! Japanese household & consumer goods store! 🇯🇵

I'm sitting in a State-of-the-art bean bag which has the reputation "the sofa that turns people to mush," and it's selling a lot in Japan. Aaaaaaaa, it does feel so good. The library of my old high school had a few bean bags and students loved them. Wow, this bean bag is even better than that. I'm really turning to mush....

Well, sadly there is nowhere to put it in my small apartment. I'll reconsider if I move to a bigger place.


Came to Musicians Union in Hollywood!

I'm at Musicians Union in Hollywood again. I just put my name on another musicians list in there. Now I'm going to make a website, do a recording, make a promotional video then pray.

Okey, time to play fun music! I'm gonna rock out!


Got some furniture!

I found nice, used and starving-artists-friendlily priced Ikea’s sofa bed and a couple of bookshelves over Craig’s List. I rented a van from U-haul and just picked them up and brought them into my apartment by myself. Ha-ha-ha! I used to make living doing mover and handyman stuff. The bed was 82 lbs and the bookshelves are 66 lbs each. Ha! I'm so proud that I can still do this kinda stuff!

Right-O, I can finally organize piles and piles of books. Now I must find a car!


Big Band Rehearsal at Musicians Union in Hollywood

I came to the musicians union for a rehearsal after one week, and now it's finished.

All who dwell in the US had quite a night last night, and I've been recovering from the shell shock since this morning.

I came to the rehearsal, played good music together and saying dirty jokes, then, before I knew it, somehow all those musician things put my mind back to normal state.

Fellow musicians, thank you! Whatever will be will be!


Presidential Election!!

Came to Beard Papa, the Japanese cream puff shop.

It's the Presidential Election Day in the US. I have never wrote about my belief in politics, thoughts and religions on SNS on purpose (and I don't think I ever will), but I have been following this long and exhausting election from the very beginning.

OMG, since the counting started, the cold sweat has kept running on me. I have never guessed it was going to be this close. Watching CNN breaking news at home by myself really got me down so I jumped on a bus, came to the town. I just had to be in some place I can be surrounded by people. Hoping this Japanese sweet will calm me down a bit.

Los Angeles is like the place of everlasting summer but I have never felt so cold in here like tonight......


Jam Session!!

Brought my sanshin and bass to a jam session! I'm gonna rock out!


One month in LA!

It's November 3rd! It's been a month since I moved to LA and also it's been a week since I moved in to the new apartment! This calls for an ice cream sundae! 🍨

When I was still in Boston getting ready for the move, I was thinking maybe I would be able to start working from 2017, but with the tremendous help from my friends all over the US, I have already met lots of great people and actually started getting calls bit by bit. Well, no more starting-in-2017 BS, I still have 2 long months in 2016 which I still can do a lot! Now is the time!

First things first. I am really in need of wheels.🚘 I was an idiot to think that I might be able to live without it. I'm looking for a hatchback or a station wagon. Friends in LA, if you know of anybody who are selling it, please let me know! 🚗🚙🚐


Musicians Union in Hollywood!

My first gig at the musicians union in Hollywood! 😆

I'll kill it! 😁

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