Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, friends! Everywhere is closed including grocery stores (which puts me in very difficult position) but gym! Thank God for that. Happy Easter!


Back in Boston!

I’m back!

I came back to my apartment in Quincy, Boston last night. Here are some interesting facts & figures. 3 of us were on the road for 28 days, performed 20 concerts in 7 states, drove through 15 states, the total distance we drove is 8,811 miles (14,239 km) which is a little more than 1/3 of distance of the equator. We were on the road 5 days longer on the last tour but we drove 400 miles more than before. I knew that the driving was a bit harder than the last time.

I was planning to go to Indian buffet for lunch but I slept through. Oh well, I thought I could wake up before 3. Maybe tomorrow. Instead, I came to the gym, proper gym I’d say. I will pump iron till quads and abs are torn today. Then I’ll do grocery shopping, do the laundry, cook, clean the room, practice and study English pronunciation. I wanna go and watch movies and concerts too. Getting back to normal.

The other two of the bandmates are going on the road again in a week but I have three weeks so I’ll get back slowly, at the same time I'll move forward rapidly.

Arrived in Boston alive

We safely came back to Boston from our Midwest Tour. 28 days. 20 concerts. We drove 8,811 miles (14,239 km) that is a little more than 1/3 of the distance around the world. Slava & Jakub are going on the road again in a week and Ippei in 3 weeks, but we will have a rest for now. Phew.


Day 28 of 28, Lake Erie

Good morning from Lake Erie! Day 28 of 28. The last day of the tour. Today we have neither gigs nor business meetings, but just drive. 480 miles (780 km), 7 hours of driving.

I could only sleep for about three hours but full of energy! Caffeine is kicking in. Ha-ha-ha. Friends in Boston and New York, let's hang very soon!

Last working out!

3:30am. After 13 & half hour drive, we reached Dunkirk, New York, which is right by Lake Erie. We are working out before going to bed. The Road Warriors that we are.


Day 27 of 28, Chicago, Illinois

Day 27 of 28. Although the concerts are over, the tour continues. We came to Chicago for a business meeting. We had some fruitful conversation. I think things are, again, moving to the place where I couldn't even imagine a year ago. We will be busier.

Two hours of sleep, four & half hour drive to Chicago then seven and half hour drive from Chicago. Ha-ha. The strength of real traveling musician is needed today. Let's suck it up and just keep on going. See you tomorrow.

All 20 concerts are done!

It’s done. It was long, it was tough, but I endured the tour. 20 concerts and insane hours of driving. I am totally aware of the fact that touring musicians don’t have luxury to have completely off-day but we really didn’t have much time especially on this tour. Anyway the concert part is over. Phew.

Going back to Boston. I have to go home now otherwise my head is going to explode.

It’s 4am, and I’ve got to get up at 6:30. I am going to hit the sack now because 12-hour drive ahead of us today. Oh well.

Sondheim Center for Performing Arts in Fairfield, Iowa

The final concert of the tour at Sondheim Center in Fairfield, Iowa. Gorgeous modern concert hall with lovely audience! The tour is concluded and now we'll make a beeline for home!


Day 26 of 28, the last concert

Day 26, the last concert of International String Trio - Midwest Tour 2016. This is it. This is the Coda (All of a sudden, it sounds like Led Zeppelin). The final concert is going to be held here in Fairfield, Iowa. It has been a long journey. Right-O! 30 minutes to downbeat! Rock'n roll!!

From Nebraska to Iowa!

Day 26, we just left Nebraska and entered Iowa! The last state! The last town! The last concert! The concert #20 of 20!

We will perform at Sondheim Center in Fairfield, Iowa at 7:30pm.

Ladies & gents, tonight's show is going to be emotional......

Concert at Fox Theatre in McCook, Nebraska

Beautiful and historical theater with full of enthusiastic audience! The second last concert of the tour was a success!


Fox Theatre in McCook, Nebraska

Good afternoon,

We played in Fremont, Nebraska last night, stayed in Lincoln then today we came to Mc Cook! You don't believe this but Mc Cook is being attacked by heatwaves and it is 82F (28C) right now!! This is awesome! BTW, the weather forecast said that the day after tomorrow would be snow and subzero temperature in here! Ha-ha-ha!! I love the chaos of Midwest! My kind of place!

Day 25, the last four days of the tour include insane amount of driving. Almost there!

Concert in Fremont, Nebraska!

Fantastic! The people in Fremont are so energetic!


Day 24 of 28

Day 24 of 28, We finished the last concert in Minnesota last night and now we are heading to Nebraska where we'll have two concerts. We are passing through Iowa and enjoying a bit of pit stop. Last five days! Last spurt!

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