It's really hot. I think my brain is melting and I think I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die unless I eat ice cream!

That's why I am forced to eat ice cream! I had Rocky Road Sundae yesterday and am having Midnight Cookies & Cream today! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!

Deeelish! 😆😆😆


Truth and ice cream

I'm still in LA. Well, I didn't come here just to hang around but to work, so I've been working on some stuff for the last three days without doing sightseeing or anything. This is kinda long work and I decided to have an ice cream when I finish it. Well, I'm still far from the goal line but if I'm having an ice cream after the work is done, it's same thing to have an ice cream now and continue on working. Ingenious idea. Totally makes sense.

Bon appetit!



H-h-h-hot.... I wanna eat ice cream.... and shaved ice......

The real feel in LA is now 100 F (38 C). I cannot believe that people are saying the last week was even worse than this....



I am in LA! This is my favorite Japanese beef bowl place, Yoshinoya! I have to come this place at least five times every time I visit LA!

To LA!

Flying to Los Angeles! Ten-day trip this time!


Museum of Science, Boston

Hello friends,

Thank you very much for the kind messages regarding the recent calf injury. Apart from being unable to move my right leg, I am totally fine. I have already invented the way to walk without the crutches with almost no pain. Well, the calf is swollen up but looks like I have bigger muscle so it's okay!

Today's gig is at Museum of Science. I am wrapping up this month's gig in front of this beautiful Charles River in Boston. I'm going to kick off the month of July in the State of Arizona!



Hello, friends. Yes, I’m on crutches. I was thinking of making up a good story why I am on crutches, like a puppy was wandering onto the busy street and I rushed to save his life. Well, actually I went to a grocery shopping and, on the way back, I was at a pedestrian crossing waiting to jaywalk, then the right moment came, I started to dash, then I felt in the muscle of my right calf, something snapped. I pulled muscle. Oh well, I have pulled muscles several times while I was training martial arts but this thing never happened on the street. Maybe the high intensity training that I have been doing was a little too high intensity. Maybe the beach running that I recently added to my exercise was giving too much strain on my legs. It’s not age. I refuse to think it’s age.

Anyway I can go anywhere with the crutches. I was concentrating on endurance training this month but I’ll switch to strengthening the back muscle.


Anesthesiologists in Boston!

Tonight's gig is a party gig for anesthesiologists in Boston. We'll party hard, and "anesthesiologists" must be the biggest word I've used in a decade.


Providence, Rhode Island!

I'm taking a walk in Providence today!


Race Brook Lodge in Sheffield, Massachusetts

The state of Massachusetts is like a big rectangular shape. I went to the southwest corner of the state to perform yesterday. The place was deep in the woods, absolutely beautiful. Pretty much everywhere was the picture perfect.

That was a long trip and I had to do some chores from 6 in the morning then I couldn’t stop a single second from that on. I was exhausted after the gig and so wanted to go back home but I made a major blander. I missed the train which comes only every 3 hours. Ha…Ha-ha…. The shock was too big and I was laughing a bit. I got home around 1am.


On the way to a gig....

I am about to jump onto a train heading to a gig pretty far away.

I have been nonstop since 6am this morning for several reasons. It's 11am now. The time is passing soooo slowly today. I have a full day ahead and don't know if I can go like this till 9pm. I know this pattern. I will be exhausted even before the gig starts and my head will be almost exploding! I can foresee myself in five hours.


Wollaston Beach!

Wollaston Beach — the beautiful beach near my apartment. This middle aged man is having trouble sculpting his body, so decided to do some cardio on the top of pumping iron. I’ll either jog on the beach or get on elliptical machines at gym from now on. Let’s see if it works.

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