Massachusetts Fallen Heroes Patriot Week!

Sound checking for the big concert tonight!!

Playing with bunch of young lions and I'm going to much their power! Aaaaargh!!

Big concert eve!

Not-touring touring musician, Ippei here. I haven’t toured for quite some time (for me). Sigh.

I am readjusting & restringing my electric bass because I have a big concert tomorrow in Boston. My 69 Fender Jazz Bass is now perfectly set up! I am playing at the 5000-seater amphitheater, Blue Hills Bank Pavilion (formerly Bank of America Pavilion). I think that is going to be the biggest place I will have ever played in my life. Oh yeah.


Harvard University, Weld Boat House!

We are playing at Harvard University Boathouses right by beautiful Charles River. We will be playing Gypsy and Balkan music for the whole night!


Harvard Medical School!

We are playing at Harvard Medical School for, not graduation, but the hooding ceremony. I've heard this place is the best medical school in the world. Well, I would have come to this school only if I had a little bit more brain. Just a little more.....



Studio time! Four hours today!


Milton, Massachusetts!

The first gig of the day is this early bird gig.

Hay fever is really hitting me full-frontal this year. I have to be out whole day and I have to be functional. I have allergy medicines in every pocket!


Studio time!

In studio today!

I popped in an allergy medicine this morning so I'm invincible today! Ha-ha! 😆😆😆


Allergy & I

Maybe you cannot see it but I'm suffering from allergy quite seriously. Aaaaargh! I was totally fine till I got out of the house. From now on, I'll always have to have allergy medicine all the time. I'm dying.

Party gig today. I'll rock the place for next two hours!


Washington DC!

The gig in Washington was a success. Game is set. That was a good fight.

We are hitting the road and will be driving whole night. I need lots of caffeine. If I can inject coffee intravenously, I would.


Hotel in New Brunswick, New Jersey!

I finished playing at a music school around 9:30, then we almost immediately started driving. After four hours, we reached to a hotel on the suburb of New York. We scored the last minute gig in Washington D.C. tomorrow. All three of us did serious juggling on our schedule and made it happen, but, phew, this is as far as we can go tonight.

It's been nonstop since the gig at Rolls-Royce yesterday. We just keep on going. Professional traveling musicians at their best.


Indian Hill Music Center!

I'm at a concert in a music school in the suburb of Boston. Seventeen students to accompany. The traveling musician is doing all kinds of gigs.

The introducing event for the new Rolls Royce!

I played at an extraordinary place yesterday. That was the introducing event for the new Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible! The car is an extreme beaut. The door opening to the other way is also beautiful. Now, the beautiful price is 330 grands! I almost passed out just looking at the price. I’ve heard that the price tag on Rolls Royce is astronomical since my childhood almost like an urban legend. That place also had super ritzy cars like Bentley, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Lamborghini etc.

I just witnessed THE different world which I hear from time to time like a fairy tale. Well, THE different world really exists. Now back to reality. Who wants to get hotdogs with me?

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