Oden party with WaFoo


To everyone in the States, it was the day of Halloween, but to me, it was the day of oden party with WaFoo. Oden is very traditional Japanese winter dish and the most important point is that you have to eat it with a lot of people. It was my idea to get together and do the business meeting with the band and, while we are together, I suggested to eat oden. That was my master plan to eat oden; I didn't care much about the business meeting. Anyway we got together at Mitsuwa, the Japanese super-market, to get everything we need for oden.

Looking to New York City from Mitsuwa located right by the Hudson River.

We ate lunch together then did our shopping. After we got what we needed, I wanted to run back to the house with the light speed and eat oden but we did full length of business meeting at a coffee shop before we headed home. Since I was the one who mentioned the meeting, I could not say things like "hey, let's skip the meeting and go eat." Oh well, everyone was so hard working person. I was so hungry though.

When we got to the house, it was already dark outside. Well, we did only a bit of shopping after the lunch but could not come back while the sun was still up, that means the meeting was too long! Anyway, Kazuo (leader, Bass player) and Yuuki (Flute) prepared oden quickly, and Takeshi (Synth) and I joined with them. Yutaka (Drums) and Sanae (Calligraphy) could not make it unfortunately.

The oden was super excellent. It hit the right place. We also made grilled tuna, also excellent. I enjoyed every bit of it.


Sarina Suno Quartet @ Thailand Cafe

Sarina Suno Quartet
Sarina Suno (Violin)
Hara Garacci (Guitar)
Ippei Ichimaru (Bass)
Rohin Khemani (Drums)

The usual gig at Thailand Cafe with Sarina and Hara. Rohin was on the drums and played the solid beat whole night. The gig was nice and very relaxed.

We had very special guest in the house. That was one of the most renowned pop singers in Japan, Mr. Senri Oe, who moved to New York recently to study at a music college. Sarina met him in some party and he kindly made a visit to her gig. He was really popular in Japan and I remember that some of my friends in my high school were wearing the big glasses which were like his registered trademark. I really wanted to talk to him and take a picture or something but he might have escaped from the funs like me so I hesitated to talk and I just left him alone. Well, we are in the same business, in the same city and have the same nationality, so we may meet again in somewhere.


Times Square


Came to Times Square for shopping I went to Book Off, Yoshinoya and Drummer's World. These three shops are the three shops I love the most on this planet and you can go all three of them in one place. Well, New York sure has everything.


"NY 2022" @ Guggenheim Museum (Day 2)


The second and the last performance of "NY 2022." Everyone did great job. Especially Kazuo did a quite essential part that he remained on the stage alone and kept playing solo on the end of the play. He did wonderful job on that.
After the show, we decided to have some dinner. It was raining cats and dogs and there was no way we could walk to the restaurant, so Kazuo cleverly put two big basses in his compact car and three of us got on. This is the commemorative photo that we made impossible possible.


"NY 2022" @ Guggenheim Museum (Day 1)


This is the actual performance. The picture above is right before we got onto the stage. Note that we all were not attired with stage costumes or anything but usual everyday cloths. We were being told to wear casually and normally because we will be sitting with audience and when the time comes, we stand up and get onto the stage. The whole production is peculiar and interesting. I think the audience liked the performance. Before the performance, I actually watched the movie "Soylent Green" which is the story that this play is adapted from. I think I understood the story much better after I watched it.

We were told to come back to the green room no later than 7 o'clock after the dinner, so I finished the dinner quickly and head back to the green room. Then I found out that only people who came back in time was four Japanese people. We were laughing about it. This is so Japanese.


Rehearsal for "NY 2022" @ Guggenheim Museum (Day 2)


The second rehearsal of "NY 2022." We had a dress rehearsal with not only the orchestra but also actors and singers and everyone. We rehearsed from the beginning to the end and I saw the whole thing for the first time. Mmm, it is really Avant-garde. To tell the truth, I don't think I got it. Somebody told me that I wouldn't get it if I had not watched the movie "Soylent Green" which is the original work of this play. Well, I have not watched it and I really had no idea.






By the way, Guggenheim IS certainly famous and I made myself stupid by not knowing the museum. The musician friends in New York and Boston made fun of me so much. Yuuki, the band mate, told me that Guggenheim Museum has the second most collection of Kandinsky next to Germany. Wow, here comes new name again. Who the heck is Kandinsky?

This guy (Wassily Kandinsky)

Well, Kandinsky is also hard to understand for me. Although I myself play avant-garde music called Free Jazz, I don't understand avant-garde arts and my head almost explodes. I think my brain is missing that part. In passing I might mention that the ones I like are, #1, easy to understand, #2, tender. These two things are the most important for me. Come to think of it, that's exactly where I want to go with my music. This is the art work I love.

King Menkaure (Mycerinus) and queen (Museum of Fine Arts in Boston)

It is easy to understand and its tenderness is conveyed to me straight away. I like this kind of arts. I like Impressionists too.


Sarina Suno Quartet @ Thailand Cafe

Sarina Suno Quartet
Sarina Suno (Violin)
Hara Garacci (Guitar)
Ippei Ichimaru (Bass)
Rohin Khemani (Drums)



The third gig of the day is the usual Thailand Cafe gig. After the first set, Rohin opened our presents for his new born daughter and we were having a present chat in a relaxed mood. Then I made a major blander. The restaurant has a low ceiling and the lighting hanging from there are even lower. I was always being careful not to knock it down with my bass. After all, I did knock down on this day. I was feeling bad but my story does not end in here. Sarina was standing right next to the fragments of the broken glass cover of the lighting with her hands on her face. I immediately thought that the fragments hit her face. My heart almost stopped.


I was flurried and looked at her face. She said that she herself was fine but unfortunately there was her violin right beneath the lighting. The fragments did fall on her precious violin and left some scars. Sarina, I am so so so so sorry. I was glad the fragments did not hit her but this is as bad. Only thing I could do was to apologize. Aaarrgh, I'm sorry Sarina!!

Sarina Suno Quartet @ Club Groove

For this gig, Sarina is armed with the red electric violin.


The second gig of the day with Sarina and Hara at Club Groove which is located right next to the Blue Note. It was the first time I played in there. The place looked like a Rock/Funk place, because I see big amps set up on the stage. Hee-hee, my blood boiled just by watching the gears. The drummer was Rohin whom I had known for a long time and who is one of a few drummer I really admire. This is the best situation. I had not had a chance lately to release my fire, so I had been stressed out by not having exploded. Oh, let me recall the memories of me in the days!




I had to write in bold font. It was that much fun. We played Jazz/Funk and grooved liked crazy in big volume. The gig felt so good. I think I have to get more of these gigs.

Cody Geil Quartet @ The Prince George Ballroom


For musicians, the business on Wednesday is very slack but I had three gigs which is very unusual. The first one was a wedding showcase gig with Cody's band at Prince George Ballroom close to Madison Square. We already have done three of these in a month. Well, the gigs in next year are almost guaranteed.

Lots of vendors --- like videographer, photographer, catering etc. --- were doing their business in the cubicles clustered close together in the huge ballroom. The beautiful models with wedding dress were walking to every which way. It was a melee. This whole chaos reminded me of the Battle Royal which All Japan Pro-Wrestling does on the beginning of year.


Rehearsal for "NY 2022" @ Guggenheim Museum (Day 1)

 WaFooのリーダーの一雄さんから誘われ、映画『ソイレント・グリーン』をモチーフにした"NY 2022"という前衛劇に参加する事になりました。グッゲンハイム美術館という超有名な所で公演されるらしいのですが、私はこの美術館の存在をついぞ知りませなんだ。うーむ、コンテンポラリー系の美術館らしいのですが、私、見たことも聴いたことも……………

Kazuo, the leader of WaFoo, asked me to participate in the avant-gaurde play, "NY 2022" based on the movie "Soylent Green." He told me that the play is going to be at the super famous contemporary museum called Guggenheim Museum but, I'm sorry, I had never known the museum existed. Never seen, never heard.....

The generator which appears on the play. I wanted to play around with it, but, timid as I am, I could not get on in front of everyone.

Three of the members of WaFoo --- Kazuo, Yuuki & I --- participated in this project.


George Farrell Trio @ Harvard Faculty Club


Day 2 in Boston. I had a gig at Harvard Faculty Club. Well I was quite surprised that I came to know there were Harvard Clubs everywhere in US on the other day. Today I played at the club which is for the exclusive use for the faculty members of Harvard University. Wow, this is totally different level from my college. Our friend Enrique came all the way down from New York too and three of us play together after a long time. By the way, I just cannot thank George enough. When my car died, I made lots of hustle for him, but yet, he helped me a lot. I will write all about it in different entry. I just want to say that I have a really good friend.

George Ferrell TrioEnrique Haneine (Keyboard)
Ippei Ichimaru (Bass)
George Ferrell (Drums)

The scenary of Boston


The scenary of Boston from the train window. I have hardly ever used train after I bought a car and much less in Boston. Boston I see from this angle was somehow refreshing view for me.


International String Trio @ Chatham Bars Inn


I came to Boston spending four hours in a bus. This is the end of the wedding season and this gig would be the last wedding gig in Boston area this year. The wedding was held in Cape Cod which is famous as a picturesque place, but it was already in the middle of Fall. This summer-resort in northern State had more fallen leaves than the ones still on the trees. It was a view of the beginning of Winter and I, as a matter of course, did not expect for a scenic view.

Then at the break in the middle of the gig, I saw the outside of the window and was surprised. "What a color of the sky." I grubbed my camera and run out to the outside. Everything in my sight was dyed in the most beautiful and impressive red-purple --- beach, waves and everything. There was an air of fantasy about the scene in front of me.


Cody Geil Sextet @ Diamond Ranch


We came to Diamond Ranch in Water Mill, New York, which is located way towards the tip of Long Island. It was a wedding gig. The view in there was out of this world and I could capture so many beautiful sights on my camera, including my favorite one on the top of this entry.


I saw a lot of nature which I admire. The pics I put are only a part of it. If you want to check out more beautiful photos, please follow this link.
This is the car I rented for the gig, Toyota Rav4. There was a lot of dramas to rent it and return it. I will tell you guys some other day.....


Rehearsal with Cody Geil Quintet





Rehearsal with Cody's band with the new keyboardist Tadataka Unno who recently moved to NYC from Japan. For the next gig, we are asked to play some dance music like disco and R&B. Well, I hate to brag but I used to be in a party band in Boston for five years and I am kind of an expert of dance music. I had played literally in everywhere on the East Coast almost every weekend and have done more than 300 parties and club gigs in total. I left the business-music scene to be a real artist and stopped playing this kind of music, but it is only two years ago. I should still remember the most of it, that I thought. I came to the rehearsal and started playing my bass with full confidence, but....

"I-I-I-I can't remember...."

Okay, I admit that I do not have a good memory but I thought... I mean, I wished I would remember a little bit more. On top of that, my fingers did not move up to the speed. How can a man really decay this much in two short years? Time is cruel.

I quited the party band to pursue the artistry of music. Today I noticed that the knowledge and the technique to play those business music had become the things of the past for me. Well, it is a joy, but it is sad....

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