Freakin' Chinatown Bus



On the way back to New York on a Chinatown Bus, some devastating thing had happened. About one hour after the bus left Boston, the inside of the bus was filled with the smell of burning rubber. The driver pulled over to the side of highway and found out one of the rear wheel had got puncture and, because the driver did not notice for quite a while, the tire was totally in rags. We got stuck. Only thing we could do was to wait for the next bus passes which was coming in one hour. Oh well, out of luck on that night. We waited for one hour and the next bus came and all the young people rushed in. I had to pull my bass out and put into the bus just came so it took me a while. Then I found out they are short of three seats and I, a young guy and a granma were left behind. Okay, for me and this poor young man, it was just our luck to be in pain for an hour longer, but, hey the kids who got on the bus, shouldn’t one of you give up a seat for the granma??

Of course nobody bloody cared and three of us waited for one more hour for the next bus. Oh what a night.


The wires of the tire were coming out from everywhere because the bus kept going even though the tire had got puncture. Now we know for sure this bus is not going anywhere.

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