Day 4 of 28

Good morning.

Day 4. We are in a hotel in Jackson, Minnesota. We had a matinee concert yesterday and drove right after the show for 5 hours. We caught a little bit of Oscar on the way at a Vietnamese restaurant in Des Moines. Congrats to DiCaprio whom all three of us were rooting for, and I was secretly rooting for Mad Max and am glad that it won lots of awards!

We usually drive to the next concert in the day and perform at night, but since the one on yesterday was matinee and we've done the painful driving already, we have lots of time to relax today. I'm chilling at the poolside and the boys are still sleeping. Life is good. Ha-ha.

We will be playing in Windom, Minnesota tonight. On this tour, we will be playing nine concerts out of 20 in Minnesota, and this is the first of the Minnesota circuit. We love Minnesota!

BTW, Windom is a relatively small town with 4,600 people but this is where Maria Schneider is hailing from! She is a very famous jazz composer and she is a genius. When I was a jazz composition students at a music college, I studied and analyzed her works a lot. I’m so glad she won two Grammys this year!

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