Hello, friends. Yes, I’m on crutches. I was thinking of making up a good story why I am on crutches, like a puppy was wandering onto the busy street and I rushed to save his life. Well, actually I went to a grocery shopping and, on the way back, I was at a pedestrian crossing waiting to jaywalk, then the right moment came, I started to dash, then I felt in the muscle of my right calf, something snapped. I pulled muscle. Oh well, I have pulled muscles several times while I was training martial arts but this thing never happened on the street. Maybe the high intensity training that I have been doing was a little too high intensity. Maybe the beach running that I recently added to my exercise was giving too much strain on my legs. It’s not age. I refuse to think it’s age.

Anyway I can go anywhere with the crutches. I was concentrating on endurance training this month but I’ll switch to strengthening the back muscle.

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