Overdue Reading Assignment! 📚😆👍

My Aussie brothers & sisters🇦🇺 look what I'm reading. Am I making you guys proud or what.

I saw his name on the internet on the other day by luck. I remember I used to dodge Patrick White no matter how hard my high school English teacher pushed. Each time he recommended the book, an angel 😇 and a devil 😈 popped up back of my head, and while the angel said to read the thick book which looked like the size of a phone book for 16-years-old non-English-speaking Ippei, the devil said to take the easy way out to 10-pager flash fictions, and the devil always won. Now 27 years had passed and I'm reading his book for the first time. I cannot stop reading it. Sorry, Mr. Lawlar, you were right. I'll read Voss at some point this year.

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