Magic Eye

Do you guys remember "Magic Eye?" My memory goes back about 15 years or so. I and my college-mates in Australia were trying to figure out what the heck the "magic" was all about. The only things I saw on the book of the rather strange pictures were just a bunch of different pattern of some computer graphics page after page. I thought it's some kind of weird psychological test (like Rorschach test). Then my bass instructor at the college told me that I had to see through the pictures and set the focal point further back of the pictures. After he told me that, I finally got it and was amazed with all those three-dimension stuff on two-dimension flat papers. Not too many people know but there were the videos of Magic Eye and you can see tripy moving 3D Magic Eye stuff. I borrowed the videos from a Blockbuster and was burning my eyes whole day. The Magic Eye totally knocked a country boy in Australia down.

Now, fifteen years later, my band-mates, Takeshi (pianist) and Sanae (calligrapher), found this rather strange pictures on a calender hanged on the wall at the rehearsal. Surprisingly this couple have never seen Magic Eye in their lives before.

Takeshi didn't have a clue.

Still working and reading the instruction.

"Oh yeah, I know this. You have to find a little guy in this messy picture." That's "Where's Waldo?" Sanae. Anyway she got the Magic-Eye concept in a couple of minutes.

After a couple of hours of rehearsing, Takeshi picked up the calender again in the break. Still no clue.

Another couple of hours later and after our rehearsal is done, again, he picked up the calender, stood still without blinking and only organs moving in his body were his heart and the apples of his eye balls trying to set different focal point. When we were almost done packing up, suddenly we all heard a middle-aged man in the next room screaming "AAAARRGGGHH! I got it!!" So he finally got it. Congratulations Takeshi. Good job. By the way, we all were enjoying watching you struggling.... for four hours.

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