My first gig in LA!!

The first gig in Los Angeles!! YAAAAY!!


To be exact, it was a nice beach town called Malibu which is one hour away from LA, but I’d say it’s still LA area! 😁 I’m so glad I got this first gig earlier than I thought. What a beautiful beach and sky! Aaahh, this Californian blue sky cleansed my heart and mind. I was looking to the horizon over the ocean, and Rocky’s theme started playing in my head automatically! I’ll keep pushing forward! From this moment on, my battlefield is the world! 🌎

I almost had to decline this gig because my stuff and instruments are still on the way from Boston so I have no equipments, but the kindest fellow musicians rented me their bass and amp and gave my a ride to the gig! I feel so really lucky to have them. Thank youuuu!!! 😄😄😄

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