My stuff finally arrived.

My stuff that I sent from Boston arrived today finally. The movers promised me to deliver it in 7 days but might take 21 days for the worst case of the scenario, but to end up with, it took 33 days. Oh well, I have had a bad feeling since they came to pick up my stuff to my apartment in Boston 10 hours late. Even today, the movers came to deliver 8 hours late, but that neither surprised me nor disappeared me anymore. I should feel happy that all of my instruments are unharmed. That is the most important factor.

I realized that I have much smaller room now and there is no way all my stuff is going to fit in in my room. Mmm, as a (ex-)master of Tetris, I should be able to make this impossible task possible. But how? Mmmmmm.....

Well, I need to relax before organizing the plan very carefully, so I'm having an ice cream! 🍦 Bon appetite! 😆👍

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