Checking out iPad Pro and the accessories

Came to Apple Store to check out iPad Pro! I have been waiting for this bigger-sized iPad for a long time because I wanted to read music on tablet on stage but the previous iPad was a bit too small for me. It's on the horizontal position on the pic but it's great to read music on the vertical position as well. This is just perfect size for me. Well, but I want to mention some (maybe a nerdy) stuff. First of all, the $800 basic model only has 32GB of memory which is really tiny. The next model up is souped up to 128GB but it costs $950 which goes over $1000 with tax. I don't know about a tablet for more than a grand. The smart keyboard on the pic works great but it is another $170 on top of the $950. You can buy a good MacBook Air with that money. The keyboard is really good so I wish they put not only iOS but OS X. That way, I would be able to use it on the road and leave my MacBook home. (BTW, I didn't even think about the Apple Pencil because it is another $100 for a pencil!). Conclusion: too expensive for a traveling musician. Apple, please bring it down to 90% off! Maybe I should go with iPad mini 4 just for now. Mmm, I have to sleep on it.

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