My birthday!

Hello friends! Thank you very very very much for the sweetest comments and messages! Love you all! I turned 42 today and I feel so blessed to have great friends like you guys! I’ll be locked in at the recording studio till tomorrow but I promise to reply to all messages! This last one year had been really upheaval time of my life (mostly in good way). Till last year, my life was in mess but I was okay with it because I am a touring musician and our lives are supposed to be messed up. I changed that crooked way of thinking and started doing self-coaching. I changed my apartment, things I eat, things I wear etc. I completely changed how I live. I am still on the process but now I am happier and healthier both in mind and body. The biggest change I made is that now I have unthinkably ridiculously big goal. I’ll make it.

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