English pronunciation correction!

This is my new textbook for English pronunciation. Wow, what are these diagrams and pictures? Is this a medical book or something? Oh well, this is going to be a long journey.

I had a headache just by browsing through the textbook. Japanese has only five vowels but American English has 37 vowels! (FYI, British English has 30 vowels). Sigh. Plus 28 consonants. (Japanese has only fourteen). Sighs and more sighs. Why the heck do you guys need so many of them!? Eh!? Don't you guys know the famous proverb "simple is the best!?" Eh!? Eh!? Hey, American friends (& Canadians & Aussies & Kiwis & Brits & Irish & South African friends), you guys don’t know how lucky you are. You all should learn Japanese just because it’s so easy for you guys.

According to the textbook, my Japanese accent is going to be radically reduced in three months. Really? See you guys in three months if I don’t shoot myself before that.

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