The Japan Society of Boston New Year Party!

I performed for the New year party of The Japan Society of Boston yesterday. It was the duo of Mika & Richard Stoltzman and I was supporting them with Hideki Hiromoto on drums and Emily Shibata on vocal.

New year is a big deal for us Asians and that was a big new year party so I was expecting that everybody would be shouting, drinking, dancing and partying hard. I thought we were going to do the background-kind of music. Well, lest we forget, that was not a usual party but a Japanese party. Everybody was siting down nicely and quietly, and waiting for us to play. When I saw the audience from the stage all sitting noiselessly, I was stunned because I was expecting completely opposite.

That was the first concert of the year for me and it was a good one. I have a feeling that I’ll be playing lots of good shows this year!

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