Short tour to North Carolina!

I've been checking and recharging the equipments for the short three-day tour starting tomorrow. We are heading to North Carolina driving right through the blizzard for twelve hours. It's going to be like the documentary of The Day After Tomorrow according to the weather forecast.

Well, I think I became a real traveling musician over the years and I developed the tolerance on physical and mental sufferings. In the year 2015 alone, I saw (and had troubles with) deer, bears, bisons, fresh-eating parrots, -20F (-30C) temperature, deadly desert, 100 mph wind gusts etc. After I went through all that, I take the natural disasters like blizzards come with it as a matter of course. To tell the truth, I'm almost looking forward to facing up to the blizzard. Hee-hee. Bring it on. I'm feeling the adrenaline rush already.

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