Apple Pencil!

I was at an Apple Store today. I got an Apple Pencil! 😆 I’ve read reviews on several web sites and it looks like Apple Pencil is the best stylus on the market right now. As the reputation, the response time of Apple pencil is quite good and it is really easy to use. I love that I can write something on the music files in PDF. Another big reason why I wanted this stylus is that, when I brainstorm for composing or arranging or just anything, the best ideas always come out when I physically write it down with pen and paper. I am hoping I’ll replace pen and paper with iPad and Apple Pencil.

Well, the down side is of course the not-struggling-musicians-friendly price tag which Apple is infamous for. Before I started using this 100-bucks Apple Pencil, I told this stylus “hey, I forbid you to break down for next 300 years or so.”

Well, it’s really useful so I'm okay with the price. I’ll use it day & night till it gets completely worn away.

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