iPad Mount!

I performed at a windy place in mountains on the other day.

When musicians have to read music in windy places, what we do is quite primitive; just put bunch of clothespins on music and a music stand. Unfortunately, even if we do that, sometimes the wind is just too strong and a sudden blow of a gust takes everything away from the music stand. I think every musician experiences this one way or another. I cannot even describe how I feel when it happens. “Feeling down” is too weak. I see the empty music stand with empty heart and think something like “my life is over,” and the cold wind sadly blows behind me.

This is another reason why I so wanted to put all the music on iPad and read from it. I brought it to the gig to try out in the real battlefield. Of course the major blander I made was that I forgot to put clothespins on my iPad and the music stand, and the wind was shaking my iPad while we were playing. Every time the iPad flapped in the wind even a little bit, I was screaming in my heart, “OH MY 700 BUCKS!” — I’m cheap. Anyway the first thing I did as soon as I came back to Boston was to order this sturdiest bulkiest looking iPad mount. I learnt the lesson. Now I have the right equipment for a professional musician!

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