iPad Pro 9.7-inch Model!

Ladies & Gents, it’s iPad Pro!! It took me six years to get one since the first generation iPad came out on the market in 2010. For the last six years, I had been thinking of getting one but I couldn’t really bring myself to actually buy one. I think I did need an iPad in several occasions especially when I was on the road all the time till last year, then I asked myself if it was absolutely necessary to have one. The answer was always “not really.” It is not cheap either. My aunt gave me a Sony Android tablet a few years ago. It is not a bad tablet at all but the connection between those Android tablets and my Apple MacBook is just horrible. I have been in need of carrying around the big folder of music nowadays so I finally made my mind to get it. I wanted the big 12.9-inch iPad Pro but couldn’t justify the 1000-buck price tag for what I use, so I got 700-buck 9.7-inch one.

It’s great. The connection between MacBook and iPad is of course so really smooth. I have transferred about 2000 music to my iPad already. I am so going to use it on tomorrow’s gig.

Oh boy, do I feel good or what. I’m gonna totally enjoy my iPad!

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