Kubo and the two strings!

This is the best second run cinema place! Only a couple of bucks for a flick! 😆👍 I wanna come here everyday! I just watched the animation movie about shamisen, Kubo and the two strings!

The main reason why I moved to LA was that I wanted to find recording jobs in Hollywood playing shamisen or sanshin, so the sound track of this movie with shamisen on it is exactly the gig I am zeroing in. I couldn't stop thinking of how I could take over the shamisen player's place while I was watching it. Then what the professional musician like me naturally think next is how much compensations I can get doing this kind of gigs.

Oh no! 🙈 I wasn't really watching this movie with such a touching story and was just counting the chickens before they are hatched! I polluted my mind with money and became a materialistic weasel. I feel so dirty myself!

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