One month in LA!

It's November 3rd! It's been a month since I moved to LA and also it's been a week since I moved in to the new apartment! This calls for an ice cream sundae! 🍨

When I was still in Boston getting ready for the move, I was thinking maybe I would be able to start working from 2017, but with the tremendous help from my friends all over the US, I have already met lots of great people and actually started getting calls bit by bit. Well, no more starting-in-2017 BS, I still have 2 long months in 2016 which I still can do a lot! Now is the time!

First things first. I am really in need of wheels.🚘 I was an idiot to think that I might be able to live without it. I'm looking for a hatchback or a station wagon. Friends in LA, if you know of anybody who are selling it, please let me know! 🚗🚙🚐

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