My birthday!!! 😆🎂🎉🎊

Thank you everyone for the sweetest and kindest birthday messages! I just turned twenty. Yes, I turned twenty 23 times and I have no problem with that.

Well, since I'm in a new place and started over a new life, I thought of doing something I've never done. I have never been good at partying so I thought maybe throwing a birthday party was a good idea...... well, maybe next year. Instead, and as every birthday, I just went everywhere and ate like the earth explodes tomorrow. Oh, I was so literally ballooned.

I'm in the middle of turning my life and my music career around in LA. It's a total change. I'm giving a 180 degrees turn. In this age, I finally learnt the importance of never giving up, so I'm pulling a Rocky Balboa in me.

Friends, thanks again!

The biggest birthday gift to myself was to go to my favorite Japanese used book store, Book Off! They happened to do the bargain sale till my birthday!

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