The last performance of the year 2016!

Hello, how are you, friends~~😄😄😄

It’s winter. It’s the season for knit caps, scarfs, gloves and hot cocoa. Well, here in Los Angeles is in winter as well but the temperature went up to 80F (26C) yesterday! 🤣 Sun is shining and lots of trees are still lively with full of green leaves🌴🌴🌴 What a winter. Now I’m a bit worried about what the summer looks like in here.

Anyway, I played at the musicians union in Hollywood as usual. I don’t have a count-down gig this year, so that was it for the performing side the year 2016 for me. That was a fun!

Only three days left this year! To tell the truth, without seeing snow or icicles outside of the window, I cannot quite bring myself to believe that this IS the end of the year, but I’ll go with the flow. Ha-ha. I’ll just keep practicing and keep reading books.

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