WaFoo @ Holy Child Church



I had a gig with WaFoo at the Holy Child Church in Staten Island, NY. It was the second time to perform at the church and, as we had on the first time, we had so much kind applause from the audience. Thanks to everyone who came to the concert. We also had the tea tasting party and the tea was provided by Ito-en. I put all the photos on another site. If you want to see EVERYTHING, please follow the link below.

Pics at Holy Child Church

By the way, the string instrument I am holding on the top photo is the traditional Okinawan instrument called Sanshin. This instrument has very particular sound which includes lots of "buzzing sound," or as the guitarists call "fret noise" which all guitarists including myself are trying to eliminate as much as possible. I am going to use it on every WaFoo's concert from this day forward.


When I was taking the photo of Yuuki, a stray dog wondered into the frame. Oh, beat it. Begone. Chop chop.



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