Back in Boston!

I’m back!

I came back to my apartment in Quincy, Boston last night. Here are some interesting facts & figures. 3 of us were on the road for 28 days, performed 20 concerts in 7 states, drove through 15 states, the total distance we drove is 8,811 miles (14,239 km) which is a little more than 1/3 of distance of the equator. We were on the road 5 days longer on the last tour but we drove 400 miles more than before. I knew that the driving was a bit harder than the last time.

I was planning to go to Indian buffet for lunch but I slept through. Oh well, I thought I could wake up before 3. Maybe tomorrow. Instead, I came to the gym, proper gym I’d say. I will pump iron till quads and abs are torn today. Then I’ll do grocery shopping, do the laundry, cook, clean the room, practice and study English pronunciation. I wanna go and watch movies and concerts too. Getting back to normal.

The other two of the bandmates are going on the road again in a week but I have three weeks so I’ll get back slowly, at the same time I'll move forward rapidly.

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