Day 15 of the 28-day tour

Day 15 of the 28-day tour, the performance last night was our 10th show out of 20. We are exactly half way through and today is the first day of the second half. Well, well, tour is both mentally and physically challenging, but at the same, I cannot deny the excitement and satisfaction of pushing myself to the limit, forcing ourselves to keep advancing no matter what. I feel like each show is the fight for real. I'll keep pushing for the rest of the tour. After all, it's all fun!

The book I'm holding is "Encyclopedia of photography on DSLR!" I so wanted to study photography for the longest time and this is the good place to start because I am surrounded with so many great views all the time!

We are driving thorough the plateau in Nebraska right now. We will be playing in Colorado for the next three days!

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