Day 6 of the tour

Good morning. The temperature now is 3F (-16C). I was't aware of how cold it really was till I got out of the hotel. It looked cold outside but I thought I should have been okay in a T-shirts for a short period of time while I was picking up some stuff from the van. I regretted after one step I got out of the door. I went to the van anyway, couldn’t find the stuff I was looking for for ten minutes, came back into the hotel totally shivering and my head hurts and my eyes were popping out, then checked out the temperature on my iPhone. I took this photo to prove that I can smile in any kind of situation. I'm a professional.

When I was a kid, my body was a bit on delicate side, but after years of tormenting my own body with this kind of stupid things, I became strong. Ha-ha-ha.

Day 6 of the tour. We don’t have a concert today and today is just a moving day for us. We will drive 320 miles (515km) north, then check in at the hotel, and I’ll do all the laundry and ironing. Life of traveling musician continues.

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