Having a break from the tour

Returned to my old nest, Boston, but the tour continues. We are going to Portland, Maine for TV shoot this morning then coming back to Boston for the concert at a jazz club tonight. What a busy day. Friends in Boston, please come around to Beehive if you have a time.

We did a bit of rehearsal at my place yesterday. Wow, I have never had so many house guests at my place and also have never done a rehearsal in here! What a joy!

Boston happened to be one of the cities we perform for this tour and I am lucky to be able to come back to my apartment while on the tour, which never happened. To tell the truth, I am always tense while on tours and I still am on the tour. I tried to relax the heck out last night but I couldn’t. Oh well, I guess I cannot feel tense and relax at the same time. The tour will end in a couple of days then I can fully relax.

ボストンに帰ってまいりました。そしてツアーは続く。今日はこれからメイン州ポートランドに行ってテレビ収録。夜はボストンに戻ってジャズクラブで演奏でございます。忙しい1日でございますね。ボストンの皆様、Beehive にぜひ来ておくんなはれ〜。



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