Performing at Fenway Park!

Today, I played at Fenway Park, the home of the Boston Red Sox and also the oldest ballpark in MLB. Though I had lived in Boston for ten years, I have never performed in here. I used to live at the apartment building right behind the ballpark and used to think that I wanted to become the musician who can perform such a huge place, which implies I would never be one. One of my dreams came true tonight without known.

To tell the truth, I have no idea about baseball or any other spectator sports, so I couldn’t really understand the gravity of the exhibitions in there, which Red Sox fans would be drooling. Those two trophies on the pic are especially important — so I’ve heard. They are the trophies of 2004 & 2007 World Series Championship (The one for 2013 is on the tour at the moment). Those trophies are usually not displayed. The security guards were standing right next to them and there was a large crowd of people around the trophies and taking pictures. Mmm, I see. If everyone says those trophies are big deal, they must be big deal.

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