It's Australia!

I have safely reached Washington D.C. and Day 1 is over. Phew. GPS said that it was going to take only 7 hours from Boston to DC. From the first place, I knew that it was absolutely impossible to make it in 7; it actually took me more than 10. That's about right and I was expecting something like that. Having said that, I wish my assumption was wrong. Oh, I'm exhausted.

I got to the B&B in D.C. around 1:30am. There was a little surprise at the B&B. I saw a familiar Aussie flag at the place. Mmm? Is the owner from Australia? I so wanna talk to him about that in the morning.

Tomorrow (Apr. 15th, Fri), we'll be playing at The Treehouse Lounge in DC from 7:30pm. Hope some of you can make it! Well, I'll pass out. Good night, friends.

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