12 hours of movie watching!!

Ever since I moved to LA, I have been trying to do whatever I have never done in my life. Today I'm going to the event to watch five Oscar-nominated movies back to back, that are Moonlight, Lion, Hacksaw Ridge, Arrival, and Hidden Figures.

I really want to get a piece of movie industry in Hollywood so I thought it's important for me to check out these famous movies. Well, it goes for 12 hours. I must say I am regretting a little bit before I'm going in....

Surprisingly the theater is packed up. Hey, everyone in the theater, it's a 12-hour event. What were you guys thinking! People are crazy as me!😆

(Post Script) Twelve & half hours. I concurred. Oh boy, all five were life-changing wonderful films! Since I have been reading lots of great books lately, I should start watching great movies!

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