The 23rd anniversary of quitting alcohol!! 🎉🎈🎊

My quitting-drink anniversary! Cheers with non-alcoholic beer! With a little Japanese sushi roll!

I have not fallen off the wagon for 23 years. In those days, my life was so messed up. The self-destructing young & stupid luny that I was, I don’t even know how I even allowed some of the things to happen and I really do want to apologize to everybody if I think back. Then I quitted alcohol when I was 20, lived through this tough music business and I think I have cleaned up a bit and straightened up a bit. Although it took me 23 years…..

The most miraculous thing that happened to me in this long period of time without alcohol is that somehow I kept myself being a musician. I have loved and hated music so much. Well, if you have been a musician so long, you have more reasons to quit than to continue. It’s just hard to keep believing in a bright future being an artist. In the last few years, my mind became much clearer and I made some big moves. Now I think, even if I fail in this music world, I’ll find a part time job and continue doing my music in some local pubs. Even if I became a homeless or something, I’ll just spend the rest of my life going to library and read good books. I don’t have to worry about the future. I won’t die. So I’ll do the music I love. I’ll keep playing and dancing on the stage. It’s called self-confidence. For the first time in my life, I’m not repressing my feelings. I’m free.

I want to thank my friends that I met in the last 23 years. I am leading a happy life that I cannot even compare to the life when I was still drinking. Because of you guys, I’m here and I can continue to be a musician. Thank you!!

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