Good weather in LA as always! ☀️

Hello, did you guys get suntanned today?
The weather was so perfect to drive to the beach with a convertible or something! 🏝⛱ You all need to get out and take in lots of sunlight. ☀️

Wh-wh-what!? New York and Boston were hit by a huge snowstorm and didn't get any of this beautiful sunlight!? Oh, boy, you all should move to LA. Today's highest temperature was 80F (26C).

Let's live cheerfully.😆 I'm being more cheerful than usual today. After I enjoyed sunbathing, I saw "Hacksaw Ridge" by Mel Gibson at my favorite second-run movie theater with just two bucks! I watched "Silence" on the other day, which is another movie Andrew Garfield was on. He is a good actor.

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