Grand Annex in San Pedro!

Hello my brothers and sisters in Boston and New York. I've heard another big storm had hit you guys. Oh well, watch yourselves in there. BTW, I'm enjoying nice iced latte at a Starbucks under lots of sunlight right now. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! 😆 Last night, I played to open the famed bluegrass musician, Wille Watson, as a part of the French group I toured with before🇫🇷

Willie really packed the venue and the show was sold out. I was a bit nervous to play non-bluegrass music in front of full-house of hardcore bluegrass fans. I was bracing myself for a few beer bottles thrown this way. There was only one thing I could do, that was to feel confident of ourselves and decided to have lots of fun on the stage as always! Well, the audience was super nice and they did enjoy our performance! I certainly enjoyed playing in there and also enjoyed the Willie's show very much along with everybody in there! That was awesome! 😄👍

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