Cody Geil Quartet @ Hudson Hotel


The showcase gig at the Hudson Hotel in the Midtown, Manhattan. The great view as usual, and the usual showcase gig.....but something was not so usual on that day. I enjoyed a bit of a reunion.


Our bandleader, Cody, was doing the showcase with two different bands and with her other band, my old friend and also my cello instructor in Boston, Irina Chirkova, was playing the cello. I was so glad to see you after a long time, Irina!


Our showcase gig was on the top of the roof and I was hearing some club music from the courtyard on way down below......

It was my good friend Sarina was spinning the table! She has been not only playing the violin but also doing DJ nowadays. Wow, it was great and what a surprise!


So we totally lucked out and enjoyed a reunion. Ha-ha. I was so happy and taking so many photos.

Oh shoot, I forgot take myself on photo.....

Cody Geil Quartet
Cody Geil (Violin, Vocal)
Hara Luca Garacci (Guitar)
Ippei Ichimaru (Bass)
Alex Wyatt (Drums)

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