International String Trio @ Chatham Bars Inn

Jakub Trasak (Violin)
Slava Tolstoy (Guitar)
Ippei Ichimaru (Bass)

It sometimes happens but we played at the exact same place as the day before. Where we played was about two hours away from Boston so we wanted to stay at there to save four hours of drive. We had a small problem though. The wedding coordinator said that the only room available would cost us six bills. We ran like wind to the car and hit the road. We did not say a word but we agreed. If I had six bills, I would much rather buy 40 CDs.


So, this is the take 2 of "The Wedding in Cape Cod" starring International String Trio. The view was excellent of course, and we played on the open deck. The ocean breeze felt really good. That was a good day.

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