Boston South Station Bus Terminal


Lou's gig on the night before ended around 9pm. Enrique kindly gave me a ride to the Bronx and I could reach home before midnight. Without a rest, I got on to the subway around 1am and headed to Port Authority Bus Terminal. Took the coach bound for Boston leaving at 3:30, got caught by the morning rush in Boston, and almost 6 hours later on 9:30am, I finally arrived at Boston South Station. Oh God, my schedule around this time of the year is hectic as hell.


Contrary to the New York Penn Station on the day before, Boston South Station was so peaceful as a China shop. the G-scale trains were displayed for kids in there. Wow, the small flyer said that there were the cartoon characters hidden in there, such as Shrek, Yoda, Buzz Lightyear, Bat Man, Spider Man, Sponge Bob and Bakugan (who is he?). Shoot, I had so little time and could only find Sponge Bob and Shrek. I'll find 'em all when I come back here to go back to New York.

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