Reunion of the band of brothers

My buddy Kenji said that he was going to play with our old buddies, Garrison and Erik, on that night. WHAAAAAT!? Four of us were in the same party band for years and literally did a few hundred gigs together. Oh, I must see them. I gate-crashed their party, without letting them know.


After we saw our faces, we were screaming each other's names and hugged so hard. We were just so happy to see each other. I had not seen them for a few years and I was really glad to see them alive. They said they were still very active in the Boston's music scene. I could only listen to the sound check but they played as great as before and they had a wonderful new band with them.

Hey, let's meet up again soon and let's play together next time.



The band of brothers
Garrison Bond (Vocal)
Kenji Kikuchi (Tenor Sax)
Erik Ringstad (Guitar)

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