The security at Penn Station


I went through the New York Penn Station and was really surprised that the security at the station was insanely tight. Did something happen again lately? The soldiers in armor vests and camouflaged suits for desert were wondering around. These camo-suits were not camouflaging from anything but rather standing out at the station, but in this situation, I guess they wear it purposefully to make everybody know “hey, scary soldiers are here.” Bunch of police officers were grouped in two and patrolling everywhere and some were with K-9 to find bombs. The one which really scared me was the SWAT guy who was carrying a M4. About 15 years ago, I saw the soldiers with UZIs in Bangkok Airport yelling at us passengers and I guess they were trying to be sheepdogs. They scared us sheep alright. Is New York City in present time needed this much tight security measure? Well, I am sure they are trying to scare the terrorists away but before that, they are scaring us civilians!

Illustration: Fish Print

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