Martin Scorsese's Silence

I just finished reading the novel "Silence" by Shusaku Endo. After about 30 pages in, I realized that I’ve read it when I was in high school, but what the heck, I read through all 300 pages anyway.

Of course I read the original novel to watch Martin Scorsese’s movie. I was surprised that the evil lord was played by Issei Ogata who is actually a famous comedian! I guess because of the fact that I know how funny he is, so his funniness amplified that role’s craziness and scariness in me. I think I could feel that more than other audiences in the theater. Good to be born and raised in Japan. It was a good movie. It was a super heavy movie but good.

(This is not a spoiler but a little behind-the-scene story about the original novel for the fellow bookworms: When Shusaku Endo was writing this novel, he was projecting himself not in Rodorigo, the main character, but in Kichijiro, the traitor. I thought that was very interesting)

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