Black Saturday Bushfire


This is the day Black Saturday Bushfire in Victoria, Australia was finally died down. This bushfire unfortunately became the worst bushfire which declined the highest number of life in the history of Australia.


The most unbelievable thing for me is that the bushfire in some areas were ignited by some brainless hedge burners. Australia, especially the South-east part of the continent, catches more bushfires than anywhere else on the planet. In Summer, the rain does not fall for weeks, the temperature goes up to 45C (110F) and the humidity is down to ZERO percent. The people who dwell in such a perfectly bushfire-conditioned area, everyone is super cautious in handling fire and the kids in there are throughly told the dreadfulness of bushfires.


I tell you an old story which goes back about 20 years. When I was a high school student in a rural town called Frankston in Victoria, I was hanging out with delinquent cobbers and smoking cigarettes. Then one of them accidentally dropped a lit cigarette and it was blown into the thick grass. Immediately, all of the delinquents gathered and desperately looked for the cigarette butt. Even the delinquents in a small town know what kind of bloody deadly disaster would occur if you leave one lit cigarette butt in the grass. In Victoria, pyromania is just unforgiven.


The Black Saturday Bushfire resulted the loss of 173 lives. 500 people got injured and 7500 people lost their homes. I pray all of their souls may rest in peace, the quick recovery of those 500 people who got injured and the prompt restore of the stricken area.

Illustration: Southern Cross Cafe

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