The Last Day of Virgin Mega Store in Times Square


Virgin Megastore is reducing the business and the one on Times Square, which is the flagship shop in America, is closing down. I went there on the very last day, the last hour. They had so many CDs and DVDs and I loved the nerdy selections which only musicians would know. There was a movie theatre on the bottom floor as well. I enjoyed visiting the store, but, to tell the truth, everything was a bit pricy. I am sure that those prices on the tags were right prices and I think that was why they could not compete with Amazon and those those cheap online retailers. Sighs, even the big company like virgin is closing down nowadays. I feel like I am witnessing the decline of whole entertainment business.


On the second basement, there was the huge section of jazz/Latin/World which I loved, but they are all gone now. I had always stopped by here after I went to music shops. Oh well.

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