Sarina Suno Quartet @ Whistlin' Dixie's Texas Tarvern


Right after the 16-day holidays, I had a gig with Sarina's quartet. It was St. Patric's Day so there was a capacity crowd of drunk people at the pub. Not to mention that was a weekday, Tuesday. Not to mention that was daytime. Only on St. Patrick's Day.


We sprit the show with another rock band and we went on the stage first. It was more than full house of people and they were saying "Louder, louder" so to end up with, the volume became as loud as an atomic bomb exploding. I thought my head was exploding.
Sarina Suno (Violin)
Hara Garacci (Guitar)
Ippei Ichimaru (Bass)
Marko Djordjevic (Drums)

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