Art works by Mr. Tim Moran

T.G.Moran ©2009


We were chatting with the audience after the WaFoo's concert at a church on the last Saturday and a gentleman came up to us with his iPhone and said, "Hey, I drew you guys on my iPhone." Then he showed us a couple of drawings on the tiny screen of his iPhone. Mr. Tim Moran, the professional artist, drew the pics of two of the members, Yuuki & me, in such a short period of time using the application called "Brushes" on iPhone. Wow, they are amazing pics! He drew them while we were performing. About half a year ago, the cover of The New Yorker magazine was drawn the same way and that was the hot topic back then. (Here is the article. There is an interesting movie how it was drawn on that page). Well, I could not believe if anybody could really draw a picture on the tiny screen of iPhone just using fingers until I saw the actual drawings on THE tiny screen with my own eyes. They are energetic pics. I can almost hear the groove coming out from these drawings. Tim said that he would come to our show again and draw the rest of the members.

Tim, Thank you very very much for such a wonderful gift. We are looking forward to seeing you again in our future concert.
T.G.Moran ©2009

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