MCCE and WaFoo Joint Concert @ Holy Child Church

Musical Chairs Chamber Ensemble
(from front left)
Tamara Keshecki (Flute)
Yuuki Koike (Flute, Piccolo, Alto Sax & Shinobué)
Clarice Jensen (Cello)
Keats Dieffenbach (Violin)
(from back left)
Takeshi Asai (Piano)
Kazuo Nakamura (Bass)
Ippei Ichimaru (Shamisen, Sanshin, Cello & Percussions)




Tamara, Kazuo, Yuuki and I have fought side by side in Richmond County Orchestra for several years. Kazuo and Tamara had this special idea for the longest time. Maybe we can join forces and we can both profit from it. Kazuo's Japanese project, "WaFoo" & Tamara's classical trio, "Musical Chairs Chamber Ensemble (MCCE)" came together and performed. Sometimes, the process of merging two different genres of music ends up in a complete train wreck, or one side is totally disappeared and sucked into the other side. Either way it's painful. How can we combine two of quite different types of music beautifully (without catastrophe)? One is classical, the other is Japanese-influenced rock/pop/jazz/funk/fusion etc.

Seems like we have nothing in common, but surprisingly this unusual combination landed us in the whole new world with the view of the paths to a virgin soil. The audience at the concert liked us, and, more than anything, we loved ourselves playing together.

I have a good feeling that this concert is the first episode of the long interesting and exciting series of creating the new genre of music. We are going to get ready for the second episode.

Tamara, Keats and Clarice, we really enjoyed playing with you guys. Thank you very very much for the great concert.

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