WaFoo Chamber Unit @ Tuttoriso in Staten Island, NY

Yuuki Koike (Flute, Alto Sax)
Eiji Obata (Guitar)
Kazuo Nakamura (Bass)
Ippei Ichimaru (Percussion)

It was not just warm but humid and lukewarm day, perfect setting for the day of Halloween. How was your Halloween, everyone? WaFoo came back to our favorite place, Tuttoriso, and jammed a bit. Our good friend, Eiji, helped us grooving on good notes.




By the way, on the way home, there was a pack of people going to Halloween parade and I literally saw all kinds of people (and non-people), from the men from the galaxy far far away to the bearer of my precious to the cursed pirates from the Caribbean. I think I saw every character of Disney, 10 Spider-Men and his villains, Snow White, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, Marvel superheroes, and other characters which I could not really identify. Oh yes, to which I might add, I could not take my eyes off of those young ladies who should have been more warmly attired.

That was a fun and special night. Maybe I should put on some costume next year. Well, that's a big maybe.

(I put more pictures in here)

Illustration: 今日もわんパグ

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