Interfaith Celebration!

I’m back from New York.

I performed for the peace meeting for 15th anniversary of 9/11. Well, fifteen years had passed already. On that day, I was on the road and was in the middle of woods in the State of Vermont. Very poor cell phone reception and no TV. We had so little information so didn’t fully understood what was happening to America. We rehearsed whole day then we went to a bar in a town, then we saw the whole thing on TV. My eyes popped out and my soul flew out. I immediately started calling friends in New York and wrote bunch of emails.

That surprise attack was not only to all the American citizens but also to the foreigners in America who live and work peacefully. The immigration law was revised tremendously and all we foreigners had to go through stuff, big or small.

Participating in this interfaith peace rally for 9/11 in New York City meant a lot for me. That was a great event.

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